Our goal is to give students the best possible training experience that is fun and effective

So we created the TumbleKick Airtrack -our signature equipment for fun effective training



Tumble Kick Air Track

Presented by Grand Master Kim andtumble kick airtrack

What is a TumbleKick AirTrack?

The TumbleKick Air is a sealed air track we developed to provide students the best possible martial arts & gymnastics experience.  The TumbleKick AirTrack  provides a great supportive bounce that helps students perform martial arts tricks and kicks and to practice traditional gymnastic techniques.  It is also gives an excellent cardiovascular fitness workout and, according to recent research, helps strengthen bones in children.


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What Our Parents Say

We’re lucky to have great parents.  We asked them to share their thoughts on our AirTrack on why the like the TumbleKick AirTracks for their children.

The Doctors Were in the House at Tumble Kick.

The Doctors were in the house highlighting why the Tumble Kick Studio experience is great for children.


Studio Owner Interested in our AirTrack?

See the TumbleKick Airtrack in Action

What our TumbleKick AirTrack owners say

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