TumbleKick AirTrack

A Jump in Kids' Fitness

Made Exclusively by TumbleKick Studios

We Created the TumbleKick AirTrack™ to give a better Training Experience

Our AirTrack helps students master Martial Arts & Tumbling Techniques faster while getting a great cardiovascular workout. …And it’s just plain fun!

Exercise Every Part of the Body!

Our TumbleKick AirTrack provides a fun way to get a cardio-vascular workout that moves every part of your child’s body.

Recent scientific research suggests that jumping promotes lymphatic circulation – translation? – maybe fewer sniffles this year?

A Tool for Strengthening Bones!

Our AirTrack is a great way to build bone density. Why is this important for children? 

Doctors have noted an increase in childhood fractures in recent years – with a lack of physical activity as a culprit. The antidote? Jumping – ‘just 10 minutes a day three times’ can increase bone density. With us, that is an easy prescription to fill.

Mastering Coordination

We use our AirTrack in innovative ways to enhance students coordination, physical mastery and balance.

From putting the AirTrack against the wall to change up the experience to Padded Sticks and other equipment, our AirTrack helps students master techniques faster while having more fun.


Our Goal is to Excel Our Students’ Performance

The TumbleKick AirTrack™ helps us with this goal. Stop by and see the difference our dedication makes.

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