Preschool Fitness: like putting money in the bank!

Feature for Studio City Patch by the TumbleKick Team

Most parents know that proper nutrition is essential to a child’s  life-long wellness. A study by the University of Iowa showed that physical activity is equally important.*

Researchers concluded that “being active at age 5 helps kids stay lean as they age even if they don’t remain as active later in childhood.” They call it the “banking effect” because early  childhood fitness yields benefits later on – like a savings account. Why this is true isn’t clear, but researchers guess that physical activity leads to the development of fewer fat cells, improved insulin management and increased metabolism.

But there are other important benefits from physical activity. It is fun for kid. Kids loving moving around. They learn so much about themselves, their environment and others through movement. Our company, Tumble Kick,  encourages all parents to find some activity for their child to do, even if it is just running around at the park or in the yard.

At Tumble Kick our goal is to  create fun programs that create a lifelong love of being physically fit. We do it with programs that promote self-confidence, responsibility and a love of physical activity, in a healthy supervised environment.