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The Studio for Children's Martial Arts & Gymnastic Programs located at 12655 Ventura Blvd., 2nd flr Free Open Parking. 

Tumble Kick Studio Gymnastics

Children master traditional gymnastic techniques in an approach we call ‘Zentastic’ in an atmosphere that fosters individual accomplishment in a positive environment.  We have classes for children ages 3-12.

We strive to create a balanced approach to our program where students gain skills of focus, discipline and mastery of traditional tumbling techniques with camaraderie so students gain great friendship and cheer one another’s accomplishment. In essence, toZen Symbol and tagline for TK Gymnastics reading Free the Zen Warrior Within

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History for our Program

We created Tumble Kick Martial Arts, which infuses tumbling with TaeKwonDo, under the guidance of a top professional gymnastic coach. We had so much fun and gained so much respect for the discipline, we created Tumble Kick Gymnastics with the help of our dedicated gymnastic coaches. Taking a cue from our martial arts program, we infuse our program with camaraderie, self-discipline and fun.

Our Equipment

Our Studio is Boutique Size but has everything your child needs to experience a well-rounded program: three balance beams, bars, crash and regular mats, spotting equipment and our signature Tumble Kick Air Track.™

Technique Mastery

Because we do not teach competitive gymnastics, our coaches spend more time teaching the master of  techniques and importance of friendship and fitness. Our coaches have told us they really enjoy this approach.

Three Ways to Contact Us

Call Us at 818-302-5242 or if you are in the area, come up and see us.  See our schedule here. 

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Our Other Great Services

Adult/Teen Training

Our Training is not only great for kids, it’s excellent for adults looking for a fitness program that will strengthen their body while relaxing their mind. Our teen/adult training incorporates TaeKwonDo, HapKiDo as well as the traditional fitness regimen martial arts is known for. We call it Meditation in Motion.

Acupuncture & Herbal Therapy

Master Kim is a practicing and licensed acupuncturist in the State of California bringing the same passion and devotion to his practice of oriental medicine that he does to his teaching.  He provides both pediatric and adult acupuncture and herbal services.

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