The TumbleKick AirTrack for Cardiovascular Fitness

A Tool to Excel Coordination

A Fun Way to Build Bone Density

tumblekick airtrack

Exercise Every Part of the Body!

Our TumbleKick AirTrack provides a fun way to get a cardio-vascular workout that moves every part of your child’s body.  It’s an excellent way to obtain a cardio-vascular workout and it’s just plain fun.  Recent scientific research suggests that jumping promotes lymphatic circulation – translation? – maybe fewer sniffles this year?

Jumping & Bone Density

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, bone density development in children is very important. They cited an increase in childhood fractures in recent years with a lack of physical activity as one culprit. The antidote? Physical activity and specifically, ‘jumping.’  Jumping ‘just 10 minutes a day three times’ can increase bone density. With us, that is an easy prescription to fill.


Our AirTrack is a great way to develop coordination and balance. Using Kicking Pads, Padded Sticks and other equipment, students learn martial arts trick and gymnastic techniques which, in turn, enhance coordination and balance. Even the simple move of both feet jumping off the AirTrack at the same time helps with coordination and, as an added benefit, builds bone density.

Studio Owners! Add the TumbleKick Airtrack to Your Program. And “Take Your Training to a Higher Level”

tumblekick airtrack use of padded stick for tricks

Real Testimonial of a Head Instructor of a Noted San Diego Martial Arts School

Studio Owner on the TK AirTrack

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