Why Martial Arts is Brain Food For Your Child

All sport activities are good for your child’s health, but why not choose one that helps in brain development?

In Dr. Richard Restak’s book on how to enhance the brian, ‘Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot Unleashing Your Brain’s Potential’, he recommends choosing athletic programs that “organize physical exercise that aims at brain enhancement.”  The Athletic Program he recommends: Martial Arts Training.

How does it work? He believes that key to brain enhancement are physical exercises that emphasize:

  • Balance
  • strength &
  • dexterity exercises

And which sports include all of these?  Dr. Restak finds that martial arts training does. When hand, leg & eye movements are  combined they in turn stimulates the brain’s development to problem solve, memorize and to set and finish goals. Our Martial Arts trains students to learn coordinated movements that work on balance, strength and dexterity. As an added bonus, the forms constantly challenge the students to learn something new which is important for strengthening the brain.


Physical Ability

As our students master the martial art skills of coordination, strength and balance, they are establishing brain development and confidence for superior athletic development. We know from experience that this athletic development can be applied to any other sport your child may do now or in the future.

Emotional Activity

Our classes offer a great balance between fun socialization and the recognition of individual achievement. Cooperation is learned as students work together in group training drills and in favorite games that complete each class. Confidence and pride is instilled as children master new skills symbolized by our belt program.

Our Black Belt Program

And our black belt program is designed to instill leadership qualities in our younger students. We often hear from parents that their child’s proudest moment was achieving their black belt.


I went from an unathletic uncoordinated kid to a coordinated, active physically fit person. The biggest way it changed me physically is it gave me a way to stay in shape and enjoy myself at the same time. TaeKwonDo changed my attitude towards school work. Instead of me saying a “C” was good enough, I had an attitude that if the best I can do is an “A+” then that’s what I’m going to try and get.
Michael P.

Student, Gained Black Belt in Children's Class

The combination of exercise and discipline required in the classes results in improved balance and coordination, increase attention span, better overall physical fitness, and improved self-control. Most importantly, the chance to master a unique skill increases the children’s self-confidence and often spills over into other areas of academics and socialization.
Leslie Popkins,

LAUSD Teacher, Achieved Black Red Belt

Their Program is excellent for children. It is disciplined, skill building, instills character yet is fun. I think it is especially important for boys because it teaches them what it takes to be a good man.
Sally Acosta


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