Barefoot Fitness: Leave Your Workout Shoes at Home

Magazines such as Runners World and the LA Times discuss the benefits of the latest exercise fad – Earthing.  Barefoot enthusiasts, such as Thomas Howell, discuss the many benefits of running training without shoes including increase in speed and agility.

At the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center and TumbleKick Studio in Studio City all our Martial Arts and Gymnastic training takes place barefoot. We believe being barefoot grounds the practitioner. Compare standing in your shoes versus standing without your shoes,, you can feel the difference. You are more in tune with your body, you know the adjustments you need to improve your posture. These adjustments help you to improve techniques. Thomas Howell argues that in barefoot running, your body is teaching itself how to be more efficient.  It’s true you are faster, feel more free, stronger and more balanced.

Another benefit of working out barefoot is the reduced risk of injury. Recent research of runners shows that the padding of athletic shoes encourages ‘heel striking’ meaning the wearer strikes the pavement or floor first. Scientists now believe this repetitive movement can lead to stress injury. Without shoes, the balls of the feet or the middle of the foot strikes first. Based on the human anatomy, it is how we should move.


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