We've Moved!

We’re so excited to offer our students an even bigger space to train. The studio is next to Bed, Bath & Beyond at 12565 Ventura Blvd. Hope to see you soon.

At Tumble Kick Studios Black Belt Doing Jumping Side Kick, Girl doing martial arts stretch kick, girl doing traditional gymnastic technique

Experience Expertly Created Children’s Training!

Looking for a Fun program to keep your child focused and healthy? Both our martial arts & gymnastics programs honor tradition while innovating training to make them fun, exciting and pathways for self-discipline.

TumbleKick Studios was founded by Master Kim, a former Martial Arts World Champion. He and his teachers strive to provide the best experience possible for the students. 

Children’s TK Programs

TumbleKick Student doing a flying side kick tumble kick studios

TK Martial Arts

TK Martial Arts fuses traditional TaeKwonDo with tumbling for an acrobatic experience

photo of young girl doing gymnastic technique at TumbleKick Studios

TK Gymnastics

In TK Gymnastics our students master gymnastic fundamentals in our fun recreational program