Experience Expertly Created Children’s Training

We’ve been teaching the children of LAs most discerning parents for over 25 years honoring tradition while innovating training to make it fun, exciting and a pathway for self-discipline, goal setting and fitness.

Our Children’s Programs

Tumble Kick Martial Arts

Children learn the sport and philosophy of TaeKwanDo combined with exciting acrobatic tumbling — all under the expert guidance of noted teacher, Master Kim. We have classes for children ages 3-12.

Tumble Kick Gymnastics

Children master traditional gymnastic techniques that is Zentastic: an atmosphere that fosters individual accomplishment in a positive environment.  The program is created by Master Kim and a select group of gymnastic coaches. We have classes for children ages 3-12.

Our Other Great Services and Products

Executive Private Training

Our Executive Private Martial Arts Training is meditation in motion. It will leave you stronger, more flexible and with stamina to take on your day.  For those who prefer group training, we offer training to a dedicated group at our West Hollywood location.


Master Kim is a practicing and licensed acupuncturist in the State of California bringing the same passion and devotion to his practice of oriental medicine that he does to his teaching.  He provides both pediatric and adult acupuncture and herbal services.

Tumble Kick AirTrack

The TumbleKick AirTrack is our very  own invention. It provides excellent cardiovascular fitness while also enhancing students ability to master martial arts kicks and tricks. Interested in getting one for your own studio? We have two sizes that are suitable for most studio spaces.

West Hollywood Location

Our West Hollywood location is located near the historic Sunset Strip. At this location we offer

  • Tumble Kick Martial Arts for children
  • Teen/Adult Martial Arts Training
  • Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy Services

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