Five Years Agowe created Tumble Kick Martial Arts which infuses tumbling with TaeKwonDo. We had so much fun and gained so much respect for the discipline, we decided to create Tumble Kick Gymnastics.

Equipment: Our Studio is Boutique Size but has everything your child needs to experience a well-rounded program: three balance beams, bars, crash and regular mats, spotting equipment and our signature Tumble Kick Air Track™

Technique Focused: Because we do not teach competitive gymnastics, our coaches spend more time teaching techniques instead of routines. Our coaches have told us they really enjoy this approach.

Character and Camaraderie are important parts of our program. Gymnastic students often start their class with the martial art students participating in warm ups and may join in cooperative games at the end of class.

Fitness: We also try to keep waiting time to a minimum. Taking a cue from our children’s martial arts program, we keep kids moving throughout class to maximize their physical activity.

Parents tell us they really like the attention their children receive and our friendly atmosphere.

Building Character & Athletic Performance

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