For 2017, Kick Up Your Child’s Fitness
With Our Sports Programs for Children

Tumble Kick Martial Arts

Looking for a sport for your child that is fun and also enhances character & focusing skills? Our traditional TaeKwonDo is infused with tumbling for an exciting martial arts discipline. Learn more.

Tumble Kick Gymnastics

Looking for a sport program with a positive atmosphere to teach poise and fitness? Our recreational Gymnastics focuses on skill building techniques, fun & cardio fitness. Learn more here or to see our class schedule click here.

Created by our Studio, TK AirTrack Provides
a Revolutionary Training Experience

TumbleKick Air Track™

In every class we use our TK Air Track™. We designed our Air Tracks to give a revolutionary experience to practice martial art kicks, cardio drills, gymnastic techniques while getting an excellent cardio-workouttumble kick airtrack.

Learn More Here

Adult & Teen Training

Teen & Adult Goup Training

Looking for TaeKwonDo Training for Teens and Adults? We offer traditional TaeKwonDo Martial Arts Training at our West Hollywood Location – just a short drive from Studio City. Students learn TaeKwonDo, Boxing Drills and HapKiDo while obtaining a great cross training workout. Group Teen/Adult Training Offered at our Spacious West Hollywood Location

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Here are some fun videos from our Studio City and West Hollywood Locations. We have free open parking both location.

Other Wellness Services

Acupuncture & Herbal Therapy

Tumble Kick founder, Master Kim is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. Treatment available at both Studio City & West Hollywood

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